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Fondant is great for decorating cakes and cupcakes. It is almost the only thing that some professionals use for their specialty cakes and wedding cakes. The beginner baker often has never used it before, but with these ready made tubs of fondant, trying it out has never been easier. Many colors are mixed and ready for you to use. It can be rolled thin and worked with easily. It can be a lot of work to mix it yourself and get the color right. Now everything is done for you. Also, if you want to use the same color again, every tub is a perfect match. It involves no more messing around with food coloring and blends. Clean and professional looking cakes can be designed and made with this product. There truly is no limit to your creativity. If you have never used something like this before, it may be best to use a sturdy cake that does not crumble easily to start. Satin ice fondant free shipping is sometimes available. It depends on the order total amount and the particular product. Make sure to click the links above to see what deals are currently available.