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2 Pound Tubs

Many Colors Available

Great Flavor

Exceptional Prices

Every Baker Needs This

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satin ice fondant

5 Pound Tubs

Larger Size

All Of Your Favorite Colors

Great Discounts!

Excellent Elasticity

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cake decorating kit

Ultimate Decorating Set

Includes Cutters, Spatulas, Shaping Tools, & More

Storage Box Included

Everything You Could Possibly Need!

Great Savings When Purchased As A Bundle

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fondant smoothing tool

Smoothing Tool

Six Inches Long

Dishwasher Safe

Essential Cake Tool


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rolling pin

Rolling Pin

Twenty Inches Long

Extra Wide & Smooth

Non Stick Surface

Perfect For Cakes

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cake book

Book Of Cakes

One Bowl Cake Recipes

Easy To Make

Taste Great

You Only Need To Clean 1 Bowl

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Satin Ice Fondant  

Video Of How To Cover A Cake With Fondant

How To Get Crisp Clean Edges On Cakes

If you wanted to know where to buy fondant, you have come to the right place. We sell high quality satin ice fondant in two pound tubs and five pound tubs. There are a great number of colors available for you to choose from. Free shipping is sometimes available depending on order size and the product you are buying. All great cake bakers use this product to cover all kinds of cakes. It is a much cleaner and sophisticated look compared to traditional butter cream icing. Whether you are baking just for friends or you are running a business selling pastries, fondant can be great fun to use. Using it already mixed is a great time saver. The color will be consistent with every container. You may even want to mix two colors together to get a marbled look for a unique touch. Another cool thing to try is cutting out shapes and designs with cookie cutters. These can then go on top of the base layer for an unlimited number of designs. So if you have ever wondered where can I buy fondant, click the links above to start browsing through our great selection of tasty products.